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Aggressive Representation From Experienced Connecticut State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Offices of Frank J. Riccio LLC, we understand that being accused of criminal charges is a serious matter. That is why we are accessible and available via telephone and email seven days a week.

Over 40 Years of Providing Legal Representation to Connecticut

Frank J. Riccio, Esq, who successfully created a criminal practice defending those accused of crime in Connecticut, founded the firm in 1968.  Until his passing in 2013, Attorney Riccio tried over 250 criminal cases to conclusion, including over 100 homicide cases.

His son, Frank J. Riccio II, Esq., began practicing law in 1999 with his father and obtained the same skills his father worked years to obtain and develop.  Attorney Riccio II specializes in state and federal criminal defense, and has extensive trial experience in both. He also handles both personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.

EXPERIENCE in State and Federal Criminal Defense Representation

When facing criminal charges, you only want an attorney who has had success and will continue to give 100% effort bringing your case through the courts and to trial, if it becomes necessary. As an example:

Attorney Riccio II has tried over 50 state criminal trials to a conclusion, and most recently between 2010 and 2018, he obtained NOT GUILTY jury verdicts in TWENTY different cases.

Attorney Riccio II has also tried over 20 federal criminal trials to a conclusion, and during one particular six-month span of time received NOT GUILTY jury verdicts in FOUR consecutive federal cases.  .

Zealous Advocacy When You Need It

As difficult as it can be to face criminal charges, we also understand the stress and pressures imposed upon family members who find themselves struggling to help loved ones who are tangled up in the criminal justice system. We pride ourselves on providing client-centered criminal defense representation, always focusing on being honest and forthright in our consultations with clients.  We don’t create mountains out of molehills or scare our clients into feeling compelled to retain us. At the same time, we will make sure you fully understand the ramifications of your legal matters so you can decide if you truly need our legal counsel to protect your interests.

What You Can Expect From Us

While we cannot promise you a particular result in your case, we can promise you that we will give you the attention you deserve, explain all options to help you make an informed decision, give you as much time as you need to speak with us, keep you fully informed about your case, work with you to maintain your confidence, look out for your immediate needs and your long-term interests and promptly return your phone calls.

Do Not Delay — Contact Frank J. Riccio, II Today!

We offer free initial consultations and can be reached seven days a week. Call 203-333-6135 or email at [email protected]

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